LuK Clutches & DMF Units

LuK Clutches & DMF Units
For garages a clutch repair is daily business. It must be done quickly and without complications. LuK provides the most modern and easiest solution for repair and replacement: the LuK DMF and the LuK RepSet DMF. They are perfectly tailored to each respective vehicle model and contain all necessary parts for professional replacement. If the vehicle has originally been fitted with the LuK Dual Mass Flywheel, there is no reasonable alternative. The DMF, as an OEM part, is mandatory for the respective vehicle.

LuK RepSet
The classic LuK RepSet includes a clutch pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing for vehicles without a dual mass flywheel (DMF) or for repair situations where the DMF does not need to be replaced.

LuK RepSet Pro
The LuK RepSet Pro consists of a clutch pressure plate, clutch disc and concentric slave cylinder. Vehicles equipped with a concentric slave cylinder must have this component replaced when the clutch is repaired.

LuK RepSet 2CT
The dry double clutch is a wearing part just like the single disc clutch. The LuK RepSet 2CT includes the double clutch module, the actuating mechanism and all the necessary mounting parts.

Apart from the LuK RepSet DMF the dual mass flywheel (DMF) is also available in a separate package. Important: the DMF is required to be mounted in combination with the LuK RepSet, LuK RepSet Pro and LuK RepSet 2CT.

LuK RepSet DMF
If the dual mass flywheel (DMF) is defective the clutch is replaced during the repair as well. The LuK RepSet DMF therefore includes the DMF, clutch pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing or concentric slave cylinder.
The LuK RepSet DMF is a repair solution for the replacement of a dual mass flywheel together with the clutch. The dual mass flywheel (DMF) was developed and put into production in 1985. It reduces vibrations in the drivetrain and ensures smooth running.

• Reduced vibrations in the drivetrain
• Prevents gearbox and chassis noises
• Relieves gearbox loads
• Increases driving comfort
• Best OE quality

LuK Hydraulic Systems
Today, clutch actuation is mainly on a hydraulic basis. Thereby fully hydraulic systems operate with master cylinders and central release bearings, semi-hydraulic systems with master and slave cylinders. Additionally, feed lines, filters and valves are available.

Don’t go for compromises. 
Stay with the original!

Together LuK and ALLTRANZ can supply Clutch & DMF Units
for popular makes including Ford, GM, VW, Audi, BMW Mini, Hyundai e.t.c.

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