New Product Updates - May '20

New Product Updates - May '20

We hope you all are doing well in these interesting times as we move into the middle of 2020 already.

Over the next few months and beyond, the team at Alltranz will continue to invest in and research new products to stock so we can help you get your customers back on the road sooner.

We have some exciting new products and ideas to come throughout the rest of 2020 and will continue to keep you informed via email, website and social media. You can find us on Facebook here.

We are updating our website with more products and information daily, so don’t forget to check it out. We have also increased our range of Sonnax products. For your convenience you can search the Sonnax number directly in the search function at

See below for some of the latest products we have to offer:

Transmission Pump Leak Kits

112150K - Fits M78
130150K - Fits 62TE
15150K - Fits A904 & A500
16150K - Fits A727, A518 & 48RFE
17150K - Fits A604 & 42RLE
21145K - Fits BW 35, 40 & 51
31150K - Fits Powerglide
32150K - Fits 6L45, 6L50
32155K - Fits 6L80
33130K - Fits Trimatic
34150K - Fits 4L40E & 5L40E
35150K - Fits TH350
36150K - Fits TH400
38150K - Fits 4L80E
98150K - Fits 6HP19/21/26/28
99150K - Fits 6R80

Steering Box Kits

P5258 - Fits TRW/TAS 85
P5288 - Fits Mercedes LS6
P5289 - Fits Mercedes LS8
More Box Kits »

Electrical Components

148700KFN - Fits MPS6 & 6DCT450/470 FN
C63710 - Fits TR690, TR580
C63712 - Fits TR690, TR580 AWD

Transmission Oil Coolers

C16764A - Fits JF011E, RE0F10A (2 Pipes)
C16766A - Fits JF011E, RE0F10A (4 Pipes)
C16767A - Fits JF011E, RE0F10A (4 Pipes)
C17759A - Fits Nissan JF015E (4 Pipes)
C18762A - Fits JF016E, JF017E(4 Pipes)
More Oil Coolers »

AWD Couplings

B500540K - Fits Gen II
More AWD Couplings »
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