2020 Technical Seminar - CANCELED

2020 Technical Seminar - CANCELED

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, we have had to cancel this year's seminar. All those who have paid will be credited. We appreciate the support for this year's seminar and will reschedule the seminar in the future.


We are pleased to confirm
June 20 & 21
Gold Coast Convention Centre
ALLTRANZ Technical Seminar 2020

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The Programme
This year we are pleased to bring two speakers (Keith Clark and Mark Puccinelli) to the seminar to enable us to deliver a variety of transmission topics, both in response to feedback from last year's seminar and to cover some emerging new transmission opportunities. There will be 11 sessions over the two days covering the following topics:

  1. General Motors “9T series” transmissions – replacing many of the GM 6T series common in workshops today.
  2. Hybrid Transmission – introduction, general servicing, common issues and do’s and don’ts. Hybrid vehicles are becoming commonplace and this is a great opportunity to upskill on Hybrid Vehicles.
  3. Performance Upgrades – Chrysler – We have a new Guest Speaker to present on Transmission Performance Upgrades and we will cover Chrysler in one session and both Ford & GM in another.
  4. Subaru Lineratronic.
  5. Jatco / Nissan JF016E & JF017E – Nissan X-trail and Pathfinder.
  6. Hyundai 8 speed conventional Transmission, Hyundai 6 DCT, and 7 DCT transmissions.
  7. ATRA Virtual Training – brief introduction and what transmissions are covered in this training.
  8. Hybrid Transmissions with a focus on Nissan and Toyota Rav4.
  9. AisinWarner AB60 – Toyota LandCruiser.
  10. Performance Upgrades – GM & Ford.
  11. Faults and Fixes. Short Q&A.


The Venue
Gold Coast Convention Centre.
Registrations open from 07:00 am on June 20 with a start time of 08:30 am.
Finish time on Saturday will be around 17:30 pm.
Sunday, June 21 will again start at 08:30 am and finish at 14:30 pm to allow people to catch flights home.
A “working lunch” plus morning tea will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday.

Options include Jupiter’s Casino which has a walkway connection to the Convention Centre or some of the many hotels and apartments close to the convention centre. People are required to take care of their own accommodation and we recommend you book flights and accommodation early.

Seminar Booking
The conference room we have hired at the convention centre is of similar size to the room at the NEX in Newcastle in 2019. With new topics such as Hybrid transmissions and a new guest speaker on Performance Transmissions, we are expecting the seminar to be fully booked out. We currently have almost half the seminar seats sold so we strongly recommend you book your seat at the ALLTRANZ 2020 Technical Seminar by completing the attached form, as soon as possible.

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Any questions or clarification -
please talk to your local ALLTRANZ representative.


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