Reprogramme Kit Stick Shift for A500, 42RE, 42RH

Reprogramme Kit Stick Shift for A500, 42RE, 42RH

PART # 150814K
Fits A500, 42RE, 42RH

This TransGo Reprogramming Kit provides full manual control for upshifting and downshifting 1st through 3rd gears only, there are no automatic shift functions retained. The fourth gear and torque converter clutch require the use of a dual toggle switch (not furnished). This kit delivers short firm shifts for performance as well as durability, it is designed for off-road use only and for vehicles that do not have any TCM controls. There are no bells and whistles in this kit, it’s all about providing the required gears when there are no computer controls. Installation requires either a functional TV linkage or the TV lever needs to be FIXED in the WOT position. Lastly, you can install this kit with the transmission in the truck.


  • TCC slip or shudder
  • Soft shifts
  • Increases clutch element torque capacity
  • Provides short clean shifts as well as an improved TCC engagement feel
  • Full manual gear lever controlled upshifts and downshifts 1st through 3rd gear. 4th gear and TCC on the other hand requires a dual toggle switch (not furnished)


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