Lubegard Aluminium Protectant

Lubegard Aluminium Protectant

Lubegard has recently released a new product specifically formulated to reduce and protect the steel on aluminium wear by adding anti-wear protection which is not present in today's low viscosity automatic transmission fluids.

It protects aluminum that is in contact with steel or other aluminum, such as valve bodies, servo bores, and pistons. It reduces aluminum valve body wear by up to 30% It will not affect viscosity and can even help prevent torque converter shudder by reducing valve body T/C circuit wear. It is also safe for yellow metals such as brass, bronze, and copper.

Lubegard Aliminium Protectant reduces wear on aluminium by 35%!

Testing was performed at a treat rate of 3% (1 fl. oz per quart).
Do not exceed the 1-oz-per-quart treat rate. It can also be used in conjunction with one of the Lubegard ATF Protectants.


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