REFILL KIT (A750E/A760E/A960E/AB60E)
# 72806K

Refill Kit

REFILL KIT (A750E/A760E/A960E/AB60E)

Repairs 5 different valve body families

Easily address the most common driveability complaints plaguing these 5 and 6 speed Toyota RWDs


  • Codes P0741, P0746, P0776, P0894, P2757
  • Shuttle, bind-up or flare on 2-3 shift
  • Slips with throttle in 3rd and/or 4th
  • TCC codes and rough kickdown at highway speeds due to slow TCC release
  • Repair kit to fix worn VB bore and sets TCC slip code and/or rough KD at highway speeds due to slow TCC release


  • Solenoid regulator valve assembly
  • TCC relay valve and bushing
  • TCC control valve bushing and boost valve assembly


  • A750E, A750F 5 speed
  • AB60E, AB60F 6 speed
  • A760E, A760H, A761E,  A761H 6 speed
  • A960E 6 speed

This kit requires tooling to install. If you do not have the tooling, order # 72804K Shift Kit with tools

Type of Product: Shift & Reprogramme Kits
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