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Procedure for DTC P17F0 & P17F1

Pathfinder R52
Altima L33
X-Trail T32
Qashqai J11


Listed below are OE recommendations for repairs when these fault codes are present in TCM.

P17F0 relates to a complete internal failure of the transmission operational capabilities. The transmission will require a complete overhaul including the valve body, chain & pulley set. It is highly recommended the cooler be replaced. All resets & re-learn procedures must be performed as per manufacturer specifications.

P17F1 relates to a shudder/judder being detected by the TCM. Minimum repairs to rectify this code is valve body replacement and all reset & re-learn procedures as per manufacturer specifications. The internals of the transmission must be inspected when this code is present. The pulley surfaces and chain will be visible once the valve body is removed. Visual check does not guarantee that there is no damage to the chain. This can be done using a borescope to see all sides of the chain/belt and pulley set. Images of worn chain/belt and pulley sets can be found by doing a google search. If damage has been caused to these hard parts, a complete overhaul will be required. Replacing the valve body alone will not rectify the issue.

Both these codes can not be cleared with a scan tool. The codes will only be erased when carrying out the proper re-learn and reset procedures. This will not guarantee that the transmission has not incurred further damage and may still fail.

It is essential that when carrying out these major repairs, the internal and external filters are replaced, oil lines flushed, and the oil cooler cleaned or replaced. Fine particles of metal left inside the transmission and related components may cause more issues at a later time.


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